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CD Bethlehem



Quadro Nuevo


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Evelyn Huber: harp, salterio
Andreas Hinterseher: accordion, bandoneon, vibrandoneon,
indian drum, chimes, tenor recorder (bei Nr. 16)
Mulo Francel: saxophones, clarinets, sansula, mandoline,
mandola, gitarre, tenor-recorder (bei Nr. 18)
D.D. Lowka: bass, percussion, xylophon,
steel Drum, bass-recorder

Joscho Stephan: Guitar (bei Nr. 3 & 10)
Chris Gall: Piano (bei Nr. 1, 13, 15, 19)

Evelyn Huber - Harfe

Music that is close to the original idea of Christmas: the arrival of a new time that brings light and warmth into darkness. The idea: brotherly love transformed into music by a diverse and colourful group of instruments. Poetic musical gems, sometimes rejoicing and jubilant, sometimes kneeling in contemplation.

Following the successful album „Weihnacht“ here is even more music for inquisitive listeners who, along with rediscovering classics such as Leise rieselt der Schnee (Softly falls the snow) , Fröhliche Weihnacht (Merry Chrismas), Es kommt ein Schiff geladen (A ship is coming laden) or Alle Jahre wieder (Every single year), are interested in hearing more unusual sounds during Advent.

Quadro Nuevo CD Bethlehem
Quadro Nuevo CD Bethlehem
Quadro Nuevo CD Bethlehem

The repertoire is not limited to Christian songs: for example, the ECHO prizewinners put the poignant Shtil di Nakht is oysgesterntby the Polish Jew Hirsch Glik, who died in 1944, in this context.
The virtuosos enrich the diversity of winter music with Yiddish or American Indian melodies that carry the spirit of enlightenment and consolation.

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
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