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Evelyn Huber & Philharmonie Salzburg


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Evelyn Huber: Harp
Elisabeth Fuchs: Conductor
Philharmonie Salzburg

Evelyn Huber - Harfe



Evelyn Huber belongs to a new generation of harpists who have freed the instrument from the corset of classical music and given it new tonal colors and forms of expression or use. Which can be impressively experienced here.

The central piece of the album is "Soñando en Español", a suite in three movements by the US jazz harpist Deborah Henson-Conant, with whom Evelyn Huber has a special personal relationship: "As a teenager I attended Deborah's jazz & improvisation course for harp. That excited me incredibly and set the course for making the harp my profession. Now, many years later, I was privileged to record her stirring and incredibly multifaceted "Soñando en Español"together with the magnificent Philharmonie Salzburg under the direction of Elisabeth Fuchs." What a great pleasure: JOY!"


The album's other tracks also reference special musical partnerships or encounters. "Sunday Morning" was originally composed for band by Evelyn Huber's longtime musical companion Wolfgang Neumann. It is heard here as a sunny orchestral arrangement. 


As a great admirer of the Spanish film music master Alberto Iglesias, his "Los abrazos rotos" had long been on the harpist's wish list. 

(It`s going South American) South America makes an appearance with "Viva Brasil," which was composed especially for her by Munich composer Willi März

"Para un mejor mundo sinfonico" - an emotional highlight of the album - is the orchestral version of the hymn-like title piece of an album Evelyn Huber recorded with violinist and composition professor Gregor Hübner and his New York  "Sirius Quartet". 


Two of the harpist's own pieces, written during travels with Quadro Nuevo, round out "JOY": "Lavendel" captures the memory of a magical moment during a video shoot on the rocky (shores of the) Corsican coast, "Nilade",  the impressions of an inspiring concert tour through Egypt. 

A remarkably colorful arc - recorded with the greatest  pleasure in making music together.


And may this (great) pleasure spill over to those listening to this inspiring music. Simply: JOY!

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
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