Noten Five pieces for Celtic harp (Band 1)

Noten Five pieces for Celtic harp (Band 1)

Five pieces for Celtic harp (Band 1)


Evelyn Huber


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Evelyn Huber - Harfe
Five pieces for Celtic harp (Band 1)
Tristano (Anonymus; Arr.: Evelyn Huber)
Carolan’s Concerto (Turlough O´Carolan; Arr.: Evelyn Huber)
Summertime (George Gershwin; Arr.: Deborah Henson-Conant & Asita Hamidi & Evelyn Huber)
Dillasdie (Evelyn Huber)
Down The Hill (Irish Traditional; Arr.: Evelyn Huber) & Achill Sound (Evelyn Huber)

Band 1
23 x 30 cm
36 Seiten
Art.Nr. D 958
ISBN 978-3-86849-303-0
ISMN 979-0-50017-476-9
Preis 17,80 €
Edition Dux

Of course I love her, the harp! She can do so much more than many might think possible - peaceful and soft, at other times rhythmically challenging; sometimes brazen and then meditative again. And occasionally all of them together as well. I have always been keen to pass on my enthusiasm for this instrument to others and I can now finally do that in the form of my volumes for Celtic harp and pedal harp. In addition to pieces I have written myself, I have included some beautiful jazz standards and arrangements of some great traditionals. You can also play the improvisations I have written out - or even improvise yourself. I hope you all have lots of fun with them!

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